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Edelbrock QwikData - TK Sensors & Signal Processors UNIVERSAL


91109 QwikData EGT Thermocouple
Incl. 90deg Probe/1/8 in. NPT Steel Weld-In Bung/4 ft. Stainless Braided Cable
91110 QwikData General Purpose Thermocouple
Incl. Stainless Sensor/1/8 in. NPT Stainless Compression Fitting
91111 QwikData General Purpose Thermocouple Extension Cable
4 ft.
91128 QwikData Weldment Kit
1/8 in. NPT Steel Weld In Bung
Qty. 2
91140 QwikData Thermocouple Compression Fitting
Replacement 1/8 in. NPT Steel Fitting
Incl. Ferrule
91149 QwikData 2 Expansion Card
91218 QwikData 2 LCU Advanced Port Dust Plug
91165 QwikData 2 Switched Positive Voltage Sensor
91200 Harness Side Sensor Connectors
91127 QwikData Linear Potentiometer
91130 QwikData EGT Thermocouple Compression Fitting
91184 Linear Travel Sensor
91208 QwikData 2 Air Temperature Sensor
91169 QwikData 2 Expansion Card
91187 QwikData Shaft Speed Sensor Kit
91188 QwikData Shaft Speed Sensor Kit
91148 QwikData 2 Pressure Transducer
91166 QwikData 2 Switched Ground Sensor

Product Description

Edelbrock offers everything you need to keep your Edelbrock QwikData Unit up and running 100% of the time.

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