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FAST Big Mouth Throttle Body UNIVERSAL

Brand: FAST | Category: Throttle Bodies
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54102 Big Mouth Billet Throttle Body
Size 102mm
54103 Big Mouth Billet Throttle Body
w/ TPS & IAC
Size 102mm
54092 Big Mouth Billet Throttle Body
Size 92mm
54095 Big Mouth Billet Throttle Body
w/ TPS & IAC
Size 92mm

Product Description

When it comes to improving your engine’s performance, increased airflow is a key ingredient. The FAST Big Mouth Throttle Bodies for the FAST LSX 92mm & LSXR 102mm Intake Manifolds increase airflow through a series of innovative design changes and a slightly enlarged throttle opening. FAST also invested significant testing & engineering resources into optimizing cross-sectional flow and eliminating airflow turbulence, especially at part throttle operation.

In addition, these throttle bodies offer increased throttle blade thickness to eliminate deflection commonly found with other throttle bodies, especially those in boosted applications. A smoother operating offset blade pivot improves throttle response, and a beefed up linkage and dual throttle spring mechanism ensure total throttle control. The FAST Big Mouth 92mm Throttle Body will deliver bolton GM Gen III (LS1, -2 & -6) horsepower while the LSXR is designed to maximize potential performance upgrades on L92/LS3/LS7 engines.

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