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Hypertech Powerstat

Brand: Hypertech | Category: Thermostats

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Product Description

From the laws of Physics, we know that cooler air is denser than warmer air, and since horsepower increases as the amount of air and fuel burned increases, cooler air makes more power. Replacing the factory thermostat with the Hypertech low-temp PowerStat will allow the engine to run cooler, making more power and reducing the engine’s tendency to detonate. Detonation, usually producing audible pinging or even knocking sounds, refers to the spontaneous explosion of the unburned air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. Detonation violently ends the normal combustion process, reduces power, and can severely damage the engine.

To complete your performance package, Hypertech recommends the use of a low-temp thermostat to compliment the performance tuning found in the Hypertech Power Tuning products. A PowerStat low-temp thermostat improves performance in two ways: first by inducing less heat into the intake air and second by reducing the engine’s tendency to detonate.

  • Replaces factory thermostat
  • No modifications required
  • Realize full potential of Hypertech Power Tuning
  • 50-State Emissions-legal when used with Hypertech Power Tuning

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