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Sparco Competition Accessories - Fire Extinguisher UNIVERSAL

Brand: Sparco | Category: Pit and Mechanic Gear


AZE Fire Extinguisher Replacement Decal
0146EA4011 Aluminum Extinguisher
Electrical System
0146MA4011 Aluminum Extinguisher
Mechanical System
0146MS4011 Steel Extinguisher
Mechanical System
0140019 Extinguisher Replacement Nozzle
0140020 Extinguisher T Fitting
0140021 Extinguisher L Fitting
0140022 Extinguisher 3-Way Fitting
0140009 Extinguisher Lower Valve
0140010 Extinguisher Upper Valve
0140017 Extinguisher Gauge
0140023 Extinguisher Aluminum Tube, 4M

Product Description

The Sparco Fire Extinguisher is offered in various capacitys and uses a dry chemical that is certified to help extinguish class B/C fires by laying down a blanket of non-flammable material that smothers the fire and reduces the likelihood of re-ignition.

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